Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Abstract Composition Upside Right

I thought it went like this:

But Peggy showed me how and why it was a better composition when rotated 180 degrees. The way I was seeing, the viewer could not get down to the lower half of the painting. The attention was drawn to the gold circle in the top half. I still need and value her instruction. I've gotten so many more positive comments on this piece now that it hangs this way.

Still Point: Trichotomizing 36"x36"


  1. Karen! Sorry to be absent at studio days- I am going through a non productive phase and am focused on trip to venice mostly- kind of anxious and unable to settle into a project...I did some things at home and they turned out ridiculous - when the clay must rest it must rest...Don't push the river and all that...Glad to hear about your work with your teacher- always a boost to work with a person who understands what you are about and your gift.If I find anything in venice it will be yours, my darling.Keep painting your great textured works- they are gorgeous- I fall into them!

  2. Also The way the painting was in the top picture makes me feel suspended, a bit precarious and uncomfortable, danger- the second hanging - the opposite. I feel like I can jump into it securely and am lifted by the shaft of light eminating from the rich light below. More of a spiritual experience with the second hanging.

  3. ...interesting how our mind can change its prespective... Love the use of texture in this piece. Hope you have a lovely weekend!