Saturday, February 20, 2010

Letting Go

I had nearly finished this painting, but it had a problem. The flame from orange to white to blue in the bottom left quadrant threatened to propel the image off of the painting. I loved that part of the painting, but it was distracting, overpowering, and actually belonged to a different image. One I hadn't painted yet. Definitely not here, not now. I had protected this portion of the painting through all of the edge work. Now it was time to let it go. That's often the way it is. The places you fall in love with have to essentially provide the foundation to more color, different shapes. And actually, letting go leads to freedom and other places to love.

Aditi: Space 33"x33"

The bottom left and center, now, for me, hold the image and the space. There is still movement, but it's circular. And stronger. And I will always know what lies underneath that strength.

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