Sunday, September 8, 2013

Amulets to the Guardian of Rust (size 22 1/2"x43 1/2")

This was quite the challenge to finish. Well, technically, it's not finished; I haven't figured out how to hang the structure, yet. To create the architectural look of the styrofoam, I first put drywall tape on the structure to strengthen it. It takes a bit more for it to be jabbed and the surface compromised. Then I covered it in spackle. That took a lot of time because there was a significant learning curve. And I wanted to get lost in creating texture--a temptation I resisted by promising myself a chance to play with creating texture in the archway pieces. After the spackle dried, I added a coat of gesso. Then I added various shades of orange. Then I sought to compliment the rust colors by adding shades of blue-green. I darkened that down with my perfect grey. The rusty bits were adhered with gel medium. I have re-inforced the edges of the structure by laminating cotton sheeting to the sides. Right now, that's just painted white. The back is still exposed styrofoam. That needs to be remedied, though. Do I use Power Grab to adhere a piece of Masonite or something to the back. Will Power Grab melt the styrofoam? My preference would be to construct a metal frame. I wonder how I do that? I think I'd need to have tools beyond my capabilities for that. Anyone know a welder? And then, at the Art Walk this past Friday, someone asked me how much it costs. I don't know. Any ideas about framing or creating a hanging structure? (A friend suggested brackets--that could work.) Any ideas about what price I put on this?

Study of Archways

These pieces were inspired by the collage of charcoal marks on paper that I posted earlier--created last summer, in fact. Because of my fascination with archways, I wanted to create something more dimensional. These started as styrofoam sheets. I added spackle that had a lot of water in it--it had settled to the bottom of the container. This made the spackle particularly smooth when applied. I rather liked that effect and wonder if I can re-create it by adding water to regular spackle. I also made more marks for texture and mystery, to create a crumbling effect. I'm rather liking these and rather like the re-purposing of styrofoam. Sizes framed are 14"x11" for the single archway and 13"x16" for the triple arches.