Sunday, September 27, 2015

Behind the Chamber Door

This is 12 inches x 36 inches. Acrylic on canvas. It started out a vertical painting. But it was looking too much like clouds. I am not a cloud painter and really don't have any desire to become one. Not that I don't take inspiration and an understanding of light from skyscapes. In fact, these colors and light are often seen in the sunset over Bellingham Bay. One of my favorite things ever is a sunset that holds yellow, yellow-orange that moves to red-violet and different shades of blue in the background.
     It is rather a mystery to me how this painting happened once I turned it to a horizontal. I love the forms and just followed them with color. Then it felt like it was some kind of ritual that I was capturing. Perhaps in a cave. A chamber in a cave with participants gathered round, dancing, storytelling, well lit by a fire. But then I added door to the title. Then it seemed that there is some serious problem-solving going on but laughter is invited, too. So is it a secret ritual transpiring behind a chamber door? Or a clandestine meeting?

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