Sunday, July 29, 2012

More Intentional Charcoal Collage

This collage was much more constructed than the one collage in the previous post. I got seduced by the figure in the upper left which was part of the original drawing that was created while wearing a blindfold. It made me think of prayer and holy places. So using marks I had made while playing at mark-making during the first day of Peggy Zehring's workshop, I constructed my envisioned holy space. With arches. And lighted icons in the arches. I wanted the effect to be very wabi sabi--somehow that represents holiness for me, too. I wonder what the chances are of creating a painting like this...

Charcoal Drawings and Collages

These are all on white paper (don't know why the funky colored background brought to you by my awesome camera skills). These drawings--created while blindfolded--never fail to communicate to me exactly what my spirit is dealing with. Can you trapped? In a cell? Looks like the escape happened in the last drawing.

More collages

Collages created in winter. Hence all of the orange. Some 8"x8". Some 10"x10".