Saturday, June 1, 2013

Waiting on Spontaneity Series

So after finishing "RustEcology Mythology," I started to work on these pieces, each 5 inches by 5 inches. These were pieces that I mostly experimented on over the years, trying to figure out texture, etc. I decided, since a friend gave me several timepieces, and since I have time issues, to do something about being spontaneous--that's what abstract is all about--and incorporating the idea of time into that. So these pieces are all about the conflict of time and spontaneity. There's some strange stuff under that texturing mixed medium stuff--wood pieces, brass hose, papers. The colors are bright--I was wanting to work with yellow and its compliment--and there are some places I really love in each of them. the watch faces are all set at -ish times: 12-ish, 12:15-ish, 12:30-ish. That explains my relationship to time, exactly...or -ishly.

Stage One "Amulets for the Guardian of Rust"

In a way earlier post, I expressed the significance and gift of rusty bits that came my way. Finally, a good portion of them are being put to good use. The base for this is a styrofoam packing piece that came with the sit/stand workstations that several of my co-workers are using. I saved three of these for use in my art. Of course, the architectual aspects of the "niches" appealed to me--they're about 42 inches by 20 or so inches. Then I got out my big and heavy bin of rusty bits and started placing them. At the same time, I was referencing the book "Amulets: Sacred Charms of Power and Protection" by Sheila Paine that fellow artist Shelley Muzzy gave me (thank you, Shelley). What would be appropriate amulets for the Guardian of Rust? I had great fun determining what pieces went where in the niches--what the shapes might represent. And it went together surprisingly fast.

Stage Two is in process. That's the drywall taping and the spackling (how do you spell that?). Should only take a few hours, right? Wrong. Many a back stretching, neck crunching hours. There is a learning curve after all.