Sunday, January 27, 2013

Transformation~In the Caesura

Butted together on the easel at the Waterfront Artists' Studios in Bellingham. Next Art Walk is March 1, 2013.

Transformation~In the Caesura: Initialis, Medialis, Terminalis

The dark surround is finally finished. I fought it, but in the end knew it had to be done. Thanks to those who kept nudging me in that direction. The paintings are stronger for it as am I. These paintings are mostly about the breaking apart of the old ideas, false ego, the things that distract us. The transformation happens in the pause--the Caesura. Thank you to Doug, who in his research discovered that there were three kinds of Caesura. The piece in the middle, thanks to Peggy's suggestion--and now that the backgrounds are completed, it actually fits there, is the Terminalis. This wholeness is what can come from allowing the process of splitting apart, and then the transformation to occur. Since in my personal, spiritual, growth, I'm still in the falling apart Caesuras, I don't completely understand the wholeness. Visualizing it is the first stage in the process for me. I wonder why I fight the completion so...

These paintings are each 18"x24" on wood panels with 1 1/2" cradle. I've used my mixed media texture and acrylics with metallic and interference paints.