Thursday, September 22, 2011

Inner Idea Artists: Beauty Follows Truth--Montserrat Contemporary Art Gallery

In addition to the four paintings in the Eroding Foundations: Tableau series posted below, I have sent eight other paintings to be in the Inner Idea Artists Exhibit at Montserrat Gallery. I am sending the 18 inch squared paintings from the Splitting Open the World post and three new 28"x38" paintings:

These are titled Caesura 2, 1, and 3 in that order. These are more mark-making through rubbing the unstretched canvas and then applying washes to the surface. This process knocks me out. The title is a literary term that means a pause in the rhythm in the midst of a line of poetry. I've recently discovered that it's also a term used in music. It seemed that there was a break in the paintings to let the light through--that makes it appropriate.

So the show runs from Oct 4-22, with the reception on the 6th from 6-8. I am honored to be showing with eleven other Inner Idea Artists, all who paint in the Kandinsky spirit. And it's going to be a grand event to see Monse and Victor at Montserrat once again. Lovely people.

And when the party is over, I will be in my studio, making marks on canvas via this process that I am absolutely in love with. It all started when I took Peggy's Zehring's class that one week in 1995. Brilliant move to sign up for that workshop. And Peggy gives all the credit of her magical teaching to Kandinsky. Following that means I live my most passionate life. Thank you.

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  1. I really like these and the concept of the pause, caesura. In music, without the silence, it's just noise. The same in painting. When space is the object and the object becomes space then the balance can start to become clear, the surface unifies. I always wonder what an original reading of Homer would have sounded like. Or Dante.