Sunday, July 21, 2013

Susan and Helen Get Married July 27, 2013

I spent a day with my friend Ellen Bond in her and her husband's shop, working with different sized wooden blanks and wooden tap handles that they had oodles of. Such a fun day of drill whatevers and guidance from Ray. It became a sculpture of sorts--started out looking a bit like a bowling trophy--as, thank goodness, Ellen pointed out. But over time, it morphed. Can't have it looking like a bowling trophy. I acquired rusty bits from various sources--thank you sources--and the glass doorknob from Spencer, my neighbor. And I found the bird cage at the Good Will. Then Linda Sue gave me the doll busts. It was at a very unfinished stage when Susan said, "I have to have that for the wedding." They finally can be legal after all these years of being together. I think it was the girls in the cage that got her. The cage door was open, of course; they could escape if they wanted to. But they're happy to be stuck together--the girls in the cage, that is. And then Susan left me to my finishing devices. Lots of problem solving involved--glass doorknobs and rust not a good mix of surfaces for adhering for a lifetime together. And Christina talked me down from overdoing it with feathers. But when it was finished, Susan and Helen loved it. I just hope the sculpture stays together as long as Susan and Helen already have. There's a learning curve with these things--as with all things, it seems. Cheers to Susan and Helen and all of those lovers who finally can choose to be married.

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