Sunday, June 6, 2010

Dancing Bird Dandy and The Hedgehog

So you just have to laugh when a friend looks at your art and sees a Dancing Bird Dandy. And you say, "I don't see it." And she says, "It's right here." And you say, "I still don't see it." (But I do see a cartoon hedgehog in the other figure and wonder, "Should I paint it into oblivion?") Then your friend downloads your painting from your blog and outlines the Dancing Bird Dandy and the Hedgehog profile and emails it to you. Yes now I see. And your daughter profoundly says, "Love how warring titans turn to funny cartoon characters. Says so much." Yes. Yes, it does. Nothing gets painted into oblivion. The hedgehog stays in the picture. It's one of the joys of abstract.

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