Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Marriage of Heaven and Hell

The Marriage of Heaven and Hell (to steal a title from William Blake). Began as Excel Hell. Because I'm always in it. Always working the cells of a spreadsheet. Where I don't want to be. Maybe that's an image of me peeking out through the cells. And Excel? It's a blessing and a curse. Much as I imagine a marriage between heaven and hell would be. The interesting part of this painting, for me, is what emerged at the base of it. I used a piece of wood with circles cut out of it. Smeared black paint on it, and those figures came from that. Crazy. Stamping with tools always produces a surprise. But it definitely gave me forms I could storytell with. I think this is something like 36 inches by 12 inches. I can't remember the price I put on it, either. But I will know in time for the studio tour.

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